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Jeff (ジェフ)

First halo visitors

The long-awaited arrival of a small subset of my high school-era group of friends has finally happened, 2.5 years into my time here. Seth and Nate have now been in Japan 10 days and are leaving today. They've seen Ise, Suzuka, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Iga, and Tokyo -- quite a bit in a short time, I kept them pretty busy despite an unfortunate injury along the way. Nate especially deserves a medal for the amount of marathon walking he has done on a hurt knee.

I took care to show them not just to the sight-seeing stuff but also a lot of places I know well where one can witness particular Japanese phenomena or just get a glimpse of average Japanese people living out their lives, thereby giving them a better looking glass into Japan. I'm glad I could take many of the things I've experienced in this time and present it to others. There are some places in Japan that everytime I've seen them or been through them I've kind of theorized to myself, "if my high school friends come they'd love seeing this", and for the most part these assumptions were correct. I think they seen and eaten quite a bit of good things, more so than I had originally hoped.

I look forward to either more visitors or the same visitors coming back for Round 2.
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