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My sisters were finally to make it out here for a 9 day trip and so I spent all of last week showing them some of the best that Tokyo, Kyoto, and my very own Mie had to offer. I think Kyoto may have been the best portion of the trip, and I certainly saw some really nice places there that I had never been to before. I intend to go back with Leizel sometime soon and show Kyoto some love (we've neglected it badly for these three years).

Unfortunately I have no pictures to post of this nine day event as I lost my camera and had not uploaded pictures since the beginning of the trip. However I should be able to retrieve the full size images my sister took while here with her crazy nice camera. Also, it turned into a good excuse to get a new camera which is more suited to my increasing (but still very amateur) photography ambitions.

Leizel and I are now entertaining our 5th set of visitors in the last four weeks (3rd set of overnight visitors), her friend Theda (who has actually lived in Suzuka before) and her younger brother. Theda has a lot of plans on her own so we'll mostly just be taking Leizel's brother around. He's staying for three whole weeks and so will get to see a lot more in the way of nook-and-cranny types places that Leizel and I love but our recent visitors weren't able to see.
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