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New Camera

[A picture taken at an empty railway station just outside Osaka looking downtown.]

Into downtown Osaka
I really like the lighting here

I got a new camera about two weeks ago or so and I'm pretty pleased with it. My new camera is a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS, which I chose after a few days of internet and in-store research.

It seems like right now, most camera makers are offering two lines
  • SLR cameras: super-cameras for seasoned photographers that come with lots of expensive addons that are big, bulky, and expensive -- with the caveat that they take the best pictures. Recently they have been decreasing in price though.
  • Super-compact cameras: Mainly for putting in your pocket and taking to social gatherings, events, and the like to take pictures of you and your friends. They are good at capturing faces but don't excel with scenery and have little to no ability to customize shooting settings like auto-white balance, shutter speed, aperture, etc...
So I kind of found myself in the corner, because there is a third category in between these two extremes that I've been using for years, however this category is quickly shrinking due to the SLR cameras being available for cheaper and cheaper in recent years.

My camera, the SX110, is one of Canon's only currently-available models in that third category. It's much like my old ones, small-ish but with much of the customization of more advanced cameras. You can't buy crazy lenses for it, but it is equipped with a 10x zoom (way more than my previous 6x) and, as I am discovering, 10x is a lot of zoom. I also picked up my first tripod to provide stabilization for the 10x shots as well as the night shots that I'm growing fonder and fonder of taking (see above, my old home station in Osaka). It's a mini-tripod so it fits easily into my bookbag that I carry with me everywhere.

May has been a great but surreal month. I've spent most of my time showing Japan to friends and family and not so much time at school or even just hanging out at home...and practically no teaching has taken place at all since there were exams last week and "sports day" rehearsals this week. It's been a month unlike any of the 30+ months I've already been in Japan, and it's been nice. Now it's back to work, relaxing, and standard money expenditures.

Pictures of my visitor sets to follow soon (probably).
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