Jeff (ジェフ) (ujiyamada) wrote,
Jeff (ジェフ)

Something is amiss

I seem to have hit a wall of some sort. I'm not sure where this wall came from, but at this point there is no doubt that it's there, I hit it head-first, and now I'm out for the count.

What's curious is that life is really good, especially lately. So the source of the wall is a bit mysterious. I think the most likely culprit is my job, the environment at work, and the feeling of uselessness my job occasionally inspires. The problem is that I can't ever remember feeling this paralyzed since I've been in Japan -- usually a few days, getting something accomplished, or a bowl of unagi are enough to set me right when work is pissing me off.

Either way, I think the trip home in August will do a lot of good. I'm looking forward to it more and more as August approaches.
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