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Six Weeks of Visitors - Round 3

[A picture of Jenny, Debbie, and myself standing in a garden on a bamboo bridge.]

Jenny, Debbie, and myself at the Ginkakuji gardens.

My third set of visitors, my two older sisters, arrives on May 8th and stayed until May 16th. Jenny and Debbie had been looking to come for a long time so I was happy to finally have them. Their waiting paid off though, as my knowledge of the area only grew with time. So 3 number-oriented people set out to enjoy the beauty of nature, and some modern cities as well.

Our trip had less but longer phases. We cut out a lot of optional short trips in favor of spending a proper amount of time in the main places. We had a really good time though and saw a lot as well:
  • Ise Grand Shrine - outer and inner
  • Ise - a bit of the town environs where I used to live
  • Shiroko - the high school where I work
  • Suzuka - City hall observatory, Bell City mall
  • Kyoto - temple at Nanzenji, Philosopher's path, Ginkakuji, Heian Shrine, Gion, Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Nara - turtle lake, deer-feeding, pagoda at Kofukuji, giant Buddha at Todaiji
  • Tokyo - Odaiba island via the Yurikamome train, Tsukiji fish market, Shibuya station-front intersection, Sumo, Imperial Palace, Ginza, Shinjuku, Park Hyatt Tokyo
Notable meals - gyoza at Misuzu in Ise, sushi at Daimonji in Ise, Indian buffet at Indo-mura in Suzuka, shabu-shabu at Hama-fufu in Suzuka, yakiniku (Korean BBQ) at Gyu-kaku in Kyoto, sushi at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, ramen at Ichiran in Tokyo, assorted Japanese cuisine at Cha-cha-hana in Tokyo, and more...
Jenny and Debbie dealt with jet lag pretty well and put up with my running them around even on the very first day, though we did have a few more relaxing days as well. We were really able to see a lot in Kyoto which was really nice for me as well since I hadn't been there in so long.

It was great to finally be able to show off Japan to my sisters, I think they a good amount of both traditional and modern Japan. I imagine they are now more confident in my ability to choose hotels.
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