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[A picture of Leizel and myself, staring at each other lovingly, at the base of a reflecting pool of an English garden.]

The big day
Photo taken by Nathan Migal of Imagen Photography

The big day has come and gone and, beyond hoped, it went extraordinarily well! Not only did it not rain, but the temperature was just right so as to not be cold but also not be so hot to enduce heavy amounts of tux-sweating. The vendors were great; the first that comes to mind is the photographer who took some amazing photos and was really easy to get along with but basically all of the vendors of the day really came through for us.

The days leading up to the wedding were good and bad. Good, because I really felt like I was able to reconnect with my Dayton friends a lot during what was perhaps my final stay in Dayton as a "resident". Bad, because Leizel and I were crazy busy with the last minute preparations and had to learn to do a really good balancing act. In the weeks leading up to my return, I figured 4 weeks at home would be ample time to do all the catching up, hanging out, and planning I needed but I was sorely mistaken. I think I could've used another month, or two, or three at home. But here we are, back in Japan (via San Francisco) from a month at home.

Now that we're back, it almost feels like a weird dream from some kind of imaginary fantasy land called "Ohio" that we are so far removed from in Japan that it doesn't actually seem real. In this far-off land of Ohio, food is very salty and tasty but unfortunately it doesn't lend itself to providing a feeling of healtiness (quite the opposite, actually), and so I've been looking forward to digging back into some rice and fish. Today I ate tempura eel on a bed of rice for lunch and words cannot describe how good it was.

Because we've been in Japan in this situation for 3 years now, it doesn't really feel like anything has changed except that I have to remember to put my wedding ring on in the mornings. Of course, our life together begins "officially" as of the day of the wedding, we're both kind of wondering if it won't feel like we're really beginning our married life until we change our locale and situation (aka, when we come back to the US).

For now, we'll just focus on passing tests, saving money, traveling occasionally, and overall having a good 4th and (probably) final year in Mie.
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