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Well today I found out I'm not allowed to transfer from ALT to CIR. This is a big day for answering the question of "what will I be doing come August".

What's a CIR? Well a CIR is basically a JET Program person who is being employed for their Japanese ability, whereas an ALT is not required to have Japanese ability. Sometimes the two jobs are fairly similar, however CIRs work at municipal offices and are normally tasked with translation, interpreting, and event planning as well. ALTs generally just do teaching and work at schools. I was hoping to do get some translation practice and work out of being a CIR, however Mie Prefecture "does not allow" transfer between the two. This is an unbelievably foolish policy as people who've been ALTs for a few years would make great CIRs since they know the area well. Most prefectures allow it, but Mie does not. Meh.

Anyway, we'll see what happens come August.

Time to get moving on that grad school app.
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