Jeff (ジェフ) (ujiyamada) wrote,
Jeff (ジェフ)


Well I think I know what I'll be doing in August. It's not what I'd imagined but it should be a good year.

Basically, Leizel will stay on JET a fifth year and I will not...however I will continue to live with her here in Mie and accomplish other things, hopefully making money in the process.

I'll be spending some money too though - big money - on proper Japanese school. I've been eyeing a school in nearby Aichi ever since my first year of JET so I'll finally get to go. Working 8-5 during the week made it impossible to go but now I'll be able to go fulltime for at least a few months.

Other than that, I'll be doing as much private English conversation and translation as I can get my hands on.

I should also be able to make a visit home during this time, probably in September of this year.

So it'll be a slightly risky year, not having a set income, but it's a fairly safe risk.

"What happened to Grad school?" August 2011 - for sure.
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