Jeff (ジェフ) (ujiyamada) wrote,
Jeff (ジェフ)


Leizel's Dad died. Suddenly. Unexpectedly.

I mean he was an elderly gentleman but was also in very good condition for his age of 82. It was always possible that something like this could happen, but I guess we just imagined it would involve hospital visits and a chance to see him before the end.

I feel this is the first time in my life I've had to closely deal with death. Having now been to the calling hours and funeral I feel I have a much better true understanding and internalization of grief you see on screen when people die in movies. I imagine it is going to be a long time before these feelings fade into the background. Going back to Japan will probably because we'll be detached from Ohio but I think it will linger long after we've returned.
Tags: family, ohio
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